Zombie Army 4 – Patch 3.3


The team have been hard at work addressing some of the known issues reported by the community over the last few weeks This latest update includes a fix for the highly sought after None More Hard achievement

Here is what to expect in the latest update:

  • A fix for a progress block on Rotten Coast: Survive Hitler’s Trap
  • A fix for a progress block on Dead Zeppelin – Heartbreaker objective
  • Enemies will now continue to spawn in the Night on the Town chapter
  • Players will now correctly receive the None More Hard achievement for completing every mission on Nightmare Mode
  • The FG 42 SMG Stat Card now reads correctly when upgraded
  • The M1 Garand can now be equipped without the characters hands clipping
  • The Trench gun weapon can no longer be observed on the floor when the ‘Eggers Bomb Lance’ is swapped with another secondary weapon throughout the game
  • ‘Painted’ skins for the ‘M1911’ Pistol now have the appropriate textures
  • Season 2 – Chapter 3 – EP03 – Zeppelin Bay 1 – Zombies are no longer blocked behind the organic pipes when the Characters throws zombies with Divine Blast.

We appreciate your continued support.