Harmony Isle - Press Pack

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Wish the sun shone every day? Want to leave the hustle and bustle behind?

Travel to Harmony Isle and escape to a dream island community that you build with your friends!

Build beautiful villas and mansions for your villagers to live in. Commission museums, bars and theatres for them to enjoy. Throw banquets and parties to keep everyone smiling!

Whether you prefer zen gardens to bars, or cinemas to parks, you can shape Harmony Isle in your own unique style.

As your thriving community expands you’ll soon notice there’s more to Harmony Isle than meets the eye.

Woodland shrines shrouded in mist, statues hidden in the woods - who built them? And what happens if you restore them to their former glory?

Solve these mysteries and harness the natural power of the island to discover the ultimate secret to blending science, nature and society in perfect Harmony.

Why Move to Harmony Isle?