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Choose your challenge: Intro to Game Modes!

No rest for the wicked, they say – there’s always more peril available for plucky adventurers!

In Campaign mode, choose one of four dashing agents trained to tackle the supernatural. Unleash devastating magical powers and powerful prototype weapons to defeat Seteki and her army of mythological menaces. Face this ancient evil alone if you’re feeling especially brave, but it might be a good idea to band together – all the better to help you spot suspicious clues, secret entrances and ancient contraptions! Who knows what alluring treasures and buried riches await you on the other side…

Horde mode sees you take on wave after wave of foul foes and accumulate gold by killing enemies – but how do you spend it? Do you splash the cash on special weapons, or do you save your gold to open up new parts of the level to potentially unlock more goodies like health potions or loot?

Score Attack is a fast-paced mode, all about cutting through large numbers of enemies with as much speed and style as you can, in an attempt to keep that combo-multiplier as high as possible! As well as this, there are also big bonus points up for grabs, and devilish challenges to keep you coming back for more!

You can create or join games locally with players close to you, or you can head online to find games. When in a lobby, press the Minus button to open the invite menu and send invites to friends. When receiving an invite, press the Home button and accept the invite to join a game. You can also open your friends list from a lobby by pressing ZR to invite them directly.

Coming up next time – Introducing the Strange Brigade!

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Join the resistance! Rebellion is proud to reveal that Sniper Elite VR will be launching July 8, 2021 on PlayStation® VR, Steam VR, Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest. The latest entry in the award-winning franchise puts you deep into the heart of the action with fully immersive virtual reality first-person shooter gameplay.

You can view the first trailer for Sniper Elite VR here:

Built from the ground up as a virtual reality experience, Sniper Elite VR enlists you as an Italian partisan, fighting fascism in a powerful World War II story told through his harrowing memories, as you protect your fellow countrymen and drive back the merciless invaders. Developed in partnership with Just Add Water and Coatsink, the game delivers a new perspective on Rebellion’s critically acclaimed sniping and stealth mechanics which marries breathtaking immersion with the authenticity for which the series is famous.

Sniper Elite VR Key Features:

HEART-POUNDING GUNPLAY – Grab your rifle, gaze down the scope and take aim, as realistic ballistics and immersive weapon interactions, such as physically reloading while under fire, bring a whole new dimension to this intense sniping simulation.
EXCLUSIVE CAMPAIGN – Take on a new explosive stand-alone campaign with 18 replayable missions as you relive the battles through the memories of an Italian veteran.
SUITE OF MOVEMENT OPTIONS – From full locomotion to accessible single stick teleport, you can tailor the controls to your preference as you use stealth and cunning to outmanoeuvre enemy troops and vehicles across levels packed with tactical possibilities.
AUTHENTIC WW2 WEAPONS – Experience the firepower of historically accurate WW2 weaponry, with an armoury of rifles, SMGs, pistols, shotguns, grenades & explosives.
VISCERAL X-RAY KILL-CAM – Witness the devastating effect of your shot as Sniper Elite’s signature kill-cam returns, rebuilt for VR.

SNIPER ELITE VR is coming to PlayStation VR, Steam VR, Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest on July 8, 2021.

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Evil Genius 2 Dominates E3 2019

At E3 2019, Evil Genius 2: World Domination emerged from the shadows, ready to take on the word! Our dastardly plan to impress the press appears to have worked! The ministry of misinformation would like to share the following articles with you;

‘World domination really is within Evil Genius 2’s grasp’ – Metro Online

‘Shaping up to be a perfect sequel for fans’ – Express Online

 ‘Looks to be a fun and satisfying twist on the classic tropes of spy fiction.’ – Gamespot

‘A lot of personality and potential’ – PC Gamer

We also managed to charm our way onto the Gamespot stage, where our henchmen continued to spread the good word…of EVIL.

Following the debut trailer of Evil Genius 2, our henchmen also declassified a special developer commentary video, revealing the secrets of the trailer! Watch it here.

Evil Genius 2: World Domination launches on Steam in 2020.

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Zombie Army 4 Swarms E3 2019

The undead hordes took to the floor of E3 2019, and the impressions flowed like shells from a shotgun! The press, much like the living dead, never rest, and they’ve written up their thoughts in droves. Here’s a selection of what they said;

‘Zombie Army 4 impressed me from the get-go’ – The Sixth Axis

‘The best 3rd-person shooter at E3 2019’ – Daily Star Online

‘Primed to take the zombie market by storm’ – Destructoid

‘Offers everything fans of the series want and more.’ – Dualshockers

IGN also got a chance to check out the game, as we walked them through our E3 demo.

If you missed it amongst all the carnage, we also released our own first look at Zombie Army 4 Gameplay! Check it out here.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War launches early 2020 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Epic Games Store on PC.

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Evil Genius 2 trailer: ALL the cunning secrets!

Following the debut trailer for Evil Genius 2: World Domination, the henchmen at Rebellion have been up to further no-goodery! They’ve declassified a special developer commentary video, with the wicked aim of revealing the delicious secrets lurking within the E3 reveal trailer! 

The 13 minute video features Ash Tregay (Producer), Richard Edwards (Lead Designer) and Ian Pestridge (Art Lead). Watch it here, as they dive in to what to expect from the lair-building sequel. 

Evil Genius 2: World Domination launches on Steam in 2020

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Get your first look at Zombie Army 4 gameplay!

Hot on the shambling heels of the reveal trailer, we’re proud to present gameplay footage for Zombie Army 4: Dead War! The video also features exclusive commentary from Rebellion devs Tim Jones (Head of Creative) and Ryan Baker (Lead Designer).

Based on the playable demo from E3 2019, the video showcases some of the new features coming to Zombie Army 4. Take a look at paranormal weapon enhancements, unique special attacks, devastating environmental traps and more! 

Zombie Army 4: Dead War launches early 2020 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Epic Games Store on PC.

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Today, a blog post. Next year, Evil Genius 2: World Domination!

We’re devilishly delighted to unveil Evil Genius 2: World Domination, coming to Steam in 2020. Watch the debut trailer, unveiled during the PC Gaming Show!

Evil Genius 2: World Domination is a fully-fledged sequel to the 2004 classic. In this spy-fi lair builder, you take control of an Evil Genius, with your aim nothing less than taking over the world!

Evil Genius 2: World Domination Features;


Set up your sprawling base of operations across multiple storeys!


Sell the British Royal Family! Kidnap the Governor of Maine! Bake Alaska – literally!


Recruit and train all manner of underlings, and send them across the globe to commit delectable criminality in your name!


Engineer dastardly traps and tactically deploy them to keep those interfering do-gooders from getting in the way!

…and more that we’re keeping under wraps for now! Until the next stage of our plot takes shape, keep an eye on the Evil Genius Twitter and Facebook for more, and don’t forget to join our Discord!

–    The Team At Rebellion