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An Update On Evil Genius 2: World Domination

Dear Evil Genius Community,

We hope this finds you and your loved ones safe and well.

Over the last five months or so, Rebellion has been working hard from the safety of our homes. As of now we’re only just beginning to welcome a handful of our staff back into our studios.

It’s been a challenging time. We tried to ensure there wouldn’t be a disturbance to our capacity and plans, but in such unexpected circumstances we’ve had to make some changes.

Today we’re announcing that Evil Genius 2: World Domination will launch in the first half of 2021.

We had originally planned for Evil Genius 2 to launch this year. However, the impact of COVID-19, transitioning from the studio to our homes and adapting to new ways of working all contributed to this difficult decision.

We want to deliver a sequel that will do justice to the franchise and be loved and played by the Evil Genius community for years to come, just like the original. And while we know many of you will be disappointed to wait a little longer, launching next year affords us the time to do precisely that.

One of the things we most prize about Rebellion is our independence, which allows us the freedom to do what’s right for our games and our staff. That’s what we’re doing for Evil Genius 2. We hope you understand our decision.

We’ll announce a final release date as soon as we can. Expect an update sooner rather than later.

Here on the Development Blog, normal service will resume in two weeks’ time. We’re going to be to showing you much, much more of Evil Genius 2 over the coming months, as well as sharing some information on the upcoming closed beta. We can’t wait to see what you think.

Thank you as ever for your support and your trust. 

Chris and Jason Kingsley, Rebellion Co-Founders

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Zombie Army 4 Campaign Mission ‘Blood Count’ Launches Today!

Blood Count, the thrilling second chapter in Zombie Army 4’s ‘HELL CULT’ campaign launches today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, the Epic Games Store and Stadia. Take on Transylvanian undead, slay SS cultists and break into an abandoned castle as you unravel the mysteries of the occult! Is that…a giant drill?

Check out the new Blood Count trailer, offering a glimpse at the horrors to come in HELL CULT’s final chapter – what manner of evil lurks beneath the surface?

In addition to the new campaign mission, more content for Zombie Army 4 is out today, including the Renegade Office Character, Bloodsoaked Weapon Skins, Gas Mask Headgear Bundle and the Mortar Shotgun Bundle!

Zombie Army 4: Dead War is available now. Get the Season Pass here.

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Evil Genius Now Available Free!

Fancy taking over the world without spending a dime? We’re proud to be able to give players around the world free copies of Elixir’s classic world domination sim.

To claim your free Steam copy of the original Evil Genius, all you have to do is click this link and follow the instructions – but act fast, as this offer is only available for a limited time!

With Evil Genius 2: World Domination on the way (more news on that soon), now is the perfect time for an evil history lesson! Build a secret lair, train minions, recruit henchmen and plot to take over the world in one of the most unique and beloved strategy games of all time!

Until next time,

Stay Safe, Stay Sinister!

– The team at Rebellion 

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Zombie Army 4 Campaign Mission ‘TERROR LAB’ Launches Today, Plus Season One’s Roadmap Is Exhumed!

We’re all set to invoke ZA4’s new three-part campaign, HELL CULT. The first mission, TERROR LAB, is out TODAY on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC! You and your fellow deadhunters must infiltrate a strange laboratory, tear your way through zombified researchers, and solve the mystery of why the dead continue to rise!

Also available starting today are the American Sea Captain Character, PPSH Submachine Gun Bundle, M1 Semi-auto Carbine Bundle, Molten Lava Weapon Skins and the Classic Boris Outfit. AND the Undead Wood Horde Map is FREE for everyone and available starting today.

In addition, check out all the content coming in ZA4: Season One in the handy infographic below – including a mini-campaign, new characters and weapons! Also includes a new FREE mode, two FREE Horde maps and an additional FREE difficulty level!

Zombie Army 4: Dead War is available now. Get the Season Pass here.

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The Reviews Are In – Zombie Army 4: Dead War Is A Graveyard Smash Hit!

1946. Europe lies in ruins, torn apart by ‘Plan Z.’ The zombified Führer has been cast into Hell but Hitler’s hordes are back for more!

From the team behind Sniper Elite 4 and Strange Brigade, ZOMBIE ARMY 4: DEAD WAR is out now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC! This brand new instalment in our cult horror shooter series is available both digitally and in boxed copies!

To celebrate the unrelenting infestation of glowing reviews and the fact that our players have already slaughtered over 1 Billion Zombies across the globe, we’ve unleashed a brand-new accolades trailer for the game – and it’s as graceful as it is wicked!

Hundreds of thousands of slayers across the globe are happily mowing their way through hordes of Nazi zombies following Zombie Army 4’s launch earlier this month. There’s more slaughter to come too, as news on the game’s debut season of additional content will be revealed very soon…

Zombie Army 4: Dead War is out now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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We’re delighted to announce that Zombie Army Trilogy will be coming to Nintendo Switch in early 2020!

Playable in singleplayer or co-op for up to four players, ZOMBIE ARMY TRILOGY features frenzied undead-shooting action across three nerve-shredding story campaigns and its brutal Horde mode.

On Nintendo Switch, ZOMBIE ARMY TRILOGY comes with everything previously released on consoles AND brand new features including 2-4 player local wireless play, motion controls, Pro Controller and HD Rumble support. Zombie Army Trilogy also supports Nintendo Switch’s new friend invite system.

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Rebellion Rolls Out New Board Game Division

Rebellion, one of Europe’s largest independent creative studios, is proud to announce its brand new board game division, Rebellion Unplugged. The first game from the new offshoot will be Sniper Elite the Board Game, based on the studio’s bestselling tactical shooter series.   

Headed up by Duncan Molloy, previously the Founder and Creative Lead of the board game line at Osprey Games, Rebellion Unplugged will release new physical games and collectibles based on the company’s diverse and extensive collection of properties. Several games are already in the works.

Rebellion operates across games, TV, books, comics and film. Among many others, its library of IPs includes the beloved sci-fi universes of 2000 AD, the upcoming spy-fi lair-builder Evil Genius 2, and the multi-million selling Zombie Army series – the next instalment of which, Zombie Army 4: Dead War, comes to PS4, Xbox One and PC on February 4th.

An early version of Sniper Elite the Board Game will be playable at PAX Unplugged this December. More details will be unveiled before it launches on Kickstarter early next year, and more games are due to be unveiled throughout 2020.

“We’re absolutely delighted to be launching Rebellion Unplugged,” said Rebellion CEO and founder Jason Kingsley OBE. “My brother Chris and I have been making video games for more than 25 years, and our love of the medium has its roots in our childhood love of board games. We’ve got so many great games and comic book heroes and universes to draw from too, so it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

For more details on Rebellion Unplugged, please visit

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Zombie Army 4: Dead War Rises February 4, 2020

Zombie Army 4: Dead War launches worldwide on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on February 4, 2020, and is now available to pre-order.

All pre-orders include the Undead Airman Character Pack FREE, featuring new playable character Hector, the British zombie with a very stiff upper lip!

To celebrate today’s announcement, we’ve also unleashed a gameplay trailer – blazing with brand new reveals:

From Venetian canals gurgling with death to a Croatian zoo now home to mortal terror, and pouncing, bloodthirsty Creepers to grotesque, zombified tanks, demonically possessed and able to spawn undead at will! Brace yourself for a Mediterranean nightmare in the post-World War 2 hellscape of Zombie Army 4!

If that wasn’t enough, we’ve also got details on a variety of editions, now available to pre-order – including our horrifying Collector’s Edition! Check out the trailer here:

This limited edition set features stunning physical and digital items, including:

• The gorgeously horrifying 10” Zombie Shark Figurine
• Exclusive Collector’s Edition Box
• 60-page Art Book
• Steelbook Case
• Digital Soundtrack Sampler
• In-game Undead Airman Character Pack.

For more information on Zombie Army 4: Dead War’s various editions, and to find out how to pre-order, please visit

-The Team At Rebellion

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EU Approves UK Games Tax Relief

On March 27th 2014 the EU Commission finally approved games tax relief for UK game developers. It’s huge news for independent studios up and down the land, but it’s an especially sweet moment for Chris and Jason Kingsley – Rebellion’s co-founders.

You see, Chris and Jason helped found the industry organisation TIGA, and have campaigned tirelessly on behalf of the UK development scene for over a decade to secure the tax breaks announced today.

We sat down with Jason to ask him a few questions about the past and future of UK development:

What impact will this tax relief have on the games development sector?

Jason: In terms of financial impact TIGA’s figures demonstrate Games Tax Relief (GTR) will lead to an estimated £188m in additional investment for UK game developers over the next five years alone. We’re talking about an industry wide 25% reduction in the cost of games development in the UK, which is massive.

A more forgiving financial environment means greater creative freedom so more edgy, creatively focussed titles will get the green light. Games Tax Relief will help to level the international playing field, and drive the UK games industry forward, enabling UK studios to make even more world-beating award winning games.

How did it all come about? 

Jason: Well originally the idea for a games tax relief came up in discussion with my brother Chris, who’s CTO at Rebellion. However, it started to be discussed as a serious concept a little over a decade ago. I was sitting in a TIGA board meeting with a group of UK devs both great and small, many of whom are sadly no longer around in the business any more, and said

“Why don’t we push for a games tax break akin to that which UK film makers benefit from? After all, we’re just as creative as them and perhaps even more globally focussed.”  

Did you face any opposition?

Jason: During that time we’ve faced objections from outside as well as from inside the industry, with some politicians telling us we should shut up and quit, which we were simply not prepared to do. TIGA just kept on going. 

Back in 2010 Games Tax relief was introduced in the last Labour Government’s budget. However, there was some back room counter lobbying taking place at the time. The new coalition Government then dropped Games Tax Relief in the June 2010 budget.

The next development was when, after another 18 months of relentless work, TIGA convinced the UK Government to finally back the measure in the Coalition’s March 2012 Budget. Yet again though, another roadblock appeared with the EU Commission citing concerns including video games not being culturally equal to film, and thus not deserving of the same or similar tax breaks.

At every stage TIGA has provided compelling evidence, and kept the issue of Games Tax Relief at the top of the agenda. Ultimately, that willingness to wage an unremitting, evidence based argument has taken us to today’s victory, one that finally gives the UK a level playing field and a fighting chance to become a top three game making nation once again.

Is there now an onus on the industry to prove to the Government that we are worth this investment? 

Jason: Thanks to TIGA’s lobbying, politicians of all political parties recognise the value and potential of the UK video game industry. They talk to us on a regular basis and at all levels are interested in helping out as best they can, within the EU rules that we all have to live by. 

What we do have to do is keep showing them and telling them that the video game sector, and particularly UK-tax-paying developers can really help the UK balance of payments – as we’re almost always export driven, and trying to reach that global audience.

What happens now?

Jason: With regard to the mechanics of application and approval, we’ll know exactly how this will work soon enough, as DCMS and HMRC will be confirming the details. It essentially comes down to passing a ‘cultural test’ which is administered by the British Film Institute, working with your accountant to identify which costs are eligible and including your claim for Games Tax Relief in your businesses end of year tax return.

At Rebellion we’ve been planning for this to happen for well over a year. It’s certainly been a long journey for the industry in the UK, but to paraphrase another Great Briton, it may just be ‘The End of the Beginning’.