Big updates for NZA1 & 2

We’ve just dropped significant updates for both Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army games, so here’s a quick breakdown of what’s been added and fixed.

If you’ve got either game, there are some neat things to get into including a new visual setting, a new achievement and some big improvements to NZA1

And that’s not all, look out for an even better update in the New Year ....

What’s black and white and dead all over?

To add a real B-movie feel to your zombie hunting sessions we’ve added an atmospheric new black and white camera filter to give you an all-new, haunting tint to your tales of survival against the odds.

Just go to the visual settings in NZA1 or NZA2 and select ‘Newsreel’ effect.

Bringing NZA 1 up-to-date

While busy with Nazi Zombie Army 2, we realised that we hadn’t given the original game as much attention as it deserved.

So the team have worked hard to bring the large number visual and gameplay improvements made in NZA2 back to the original game so players have more of an excuse to return!

In short, NZA1 should look better, and play better.

Patch notes

NZA1, Update 1.06:

NZA2, Update 1.2:

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