Rebellion Games – Player Code of Conduct

Updated 7th June 2021

Community is a central focus for us at Rebellion. We take pride in our Community, and we want you to take pride in us. From Sniper Elite and Zombie Army, to Evil Genius 2 and Strange Brigade – our community is passionate, ever-expanding and will always be at the heart of what we do. We are as much a part of it as our players.

Players continue to join our community from all around the world and share in online experiences via Rebellion’s various platforms. We want to hear their stories and experiences, good and bad, and our aim is to facilitate that within spaces that are safe, welcoming and fun for everyone. Our positive community is a testament to our players and the way they’ve embraced our games over many years, and that is something we are determined to develop further. It’s only right that we share our expectations of our Community when operating in these spaces, and, as is also outlined in Rebellion’s Terms of Service and other agreements, we will endeavour to emphasise the rules that apply during players’ use of Rebellion’s services. 

These Community Rules apply to all users of Rebellion’s games, services, and environments whether they have been part of the Community for years, or if this is their first experience with us. 

Our Community spaces thrive on shared experiences, mutual respect and a dedication to the game, and the below information explains how we expect our players to behave. We hope you’ll help us in Rebellion’s mission to keep it that way.

Code of Conduct


  • Be respectful. Our games are for everyone regardless of age, gender, race, sexuality, nationality, creed or disability. Treat everyone with the same respect you would expect to receive yourself. We welcome diversity, so we will not accept any form of marginalisation, hateful language, ableist language, bullying or discrimination. Diversity enriches our lives, and when we all play, we all win.
  • Welcome new players – we were all the ‘newbie’ once! Trying to make someone else feel worse so you feel better doesn’t work – it is much easier, and more fun, to enjoy the experience together! Help them, set a good example, they could be your new ally or comrade!
  • Keep it appropriate. Keep the bad language amongst friends, and don’t post anything NSFW – this has no place in Rebellion’s community spaces. We all have opinions of the world, but not everyone wants to hear them whilst playing games. A lot of people play games to escape the real-world – let them!


  • It’s just a game! They are designed and produced to be fun. If you start getting frustrated or angry, it’s ok to take a break. Don’t ruin your own, or someone else’s, experience – it could lead to a report being filed against you, and in an extreme case, some enforced and extended leave from your favourite game.
  • It’s not real! Whilst some of our games are based in reality and situations that happened, they’re still just made up! We will not allow arguments in favour of fascism or racism in our community spaces. If that’s the game or forum you want, you’re in the wrong place.
  • Our forums are public! What you post will be seen by others, so make sure you are comfortable with what you share. Don’t disclose your own, or other people’s, real-life personal information. And threatening to do so will incur sanctions.


  • Discriminate against anyone based on who they are. As stated previously, our games are for everyone regardless of age, gender, race, sexuality, nationality, creed or disability. Prejudice of any kind is totally unacceptable.
  • Harass, bully, threaten, marginalize, demean, intimidate or threaten others to do so. None of these behaviours are acceptable and will not be tolerated at all. Any activity you engage in that targets an individual with the aim of upsetting them or targeting them unfairly constitutes bullying. Repeated activity of this nature is harassment. We take this very seriously, and many law enforcement agencies identify this as online abuse, for which you will be reported.
  • Cheat or troll. Play fairly and within the rules of the game. Don’t cheat, grief, or exploit bugs and glitches. Don’t promote or advertise known cheats, bugs, or exploits.
  • Impersonate someone else. Pretending to be some other than yourself in order to deceive or defraud others will be reported. This includes other players, streamers, celebrities, government officials, Rebellion employees. Don’t take credit for another player or entity’s creation.
  • Participate in or encourage illegal or dangerous activities. Gambling, illegal drug use, phishing, human trafficking, prostitution, doxing, swatting, or sharing content that glorifies or incites violence will not be tolerated in Rebellion’s community spaces. Threats of harm to yourself or others are taken seriously – don’t make them, especially as a joke. If you see something that puts other players at risk, report them to Rebellion. 
  • Take advantage of fellow players. Don’t do it. Scams or deceptive practices are prohibited, including seeking account information, and buying or selling accounts or personal information.

Code of Conduct breaches

We take any breach of the Code of Conduct very seriously. We will normally take action against accounts that we determine to have breached (or which we have been notified by a partner have breached) our own, or any partner’s, Code of Conduct and rules. These actions will normally range from warnings to suspensions of account, with the most severe being a permanent termination of access to (or use of) our games, termination of our services and / or termination of access to (or use of) our channels. We may also take other actions, including moving players we believe to have breached our own, or any partner’s, Code of Conduct and rules onto separate servers or lobbies.  This is at Rebellion’s discretion, and will be always be in the best interests of the Community, our customers and Rebellion as a whole.  We will not review our decisions or allow appeals against them.

We are all a part of this community, and it is up to us to keep it friendly, fun, and free of negativity.

If you encounter a player not respecting the Code of Conduct, you can report them to Rebellion via one of our support portals or Community Managers. We will take action against players we observe not following the Code of Conduct and escalate based upon the offense.

If you meet someone you don’t like but aren’t violating the Community Rules, you can block them.

The Rebellion Code of Conduct will change over time, so make sure you check back regularly to stay up to date. “But, I didn’t know…” is not a good excuse. We’re all here to have fun, create and enjoy great games!

Thank you for being a part of the Rebellion community and doing your part to maintain a safe and fun space for everyone.