Twilight Strike!

It’s been in development for a while now in our Runcorn studio, but we’re finally able to lift the lid on the next exciting piece of free content for Sniper Elite 3!

We know Overwatch is one of our most popular modes, and really stands out from the crowd when it comes to co-operative team work – especially on Xbox One and PS4 where co-op games are still few and far between.

Well our very own Rebellion “North” have upped the ante with brand new mission – Twilight Strike, and to explain a little more on what makes the mission feel so fresh is Designer, Alex Spyropoulos:  

AS: Twilight Strike is a quite a departure from the standard Overwatch formula.

Ever since we introduced the mode in Sniper Elite V2 it's been a fairl linear experience by design.

 Players would move from encounter to encounter with the Sniper covering the Operative in each situation. Of course with the big gameplay changes made to Sniper Elite 3 – in particular the size and scope of the greater focus on multiple approaches – this  necessitated a slight change to the core Overwatch mechanics. This is why we introduced the Sniper being “locked” into position and then being “released” as the levels progress– effectively allowing the two players to complete some tasks side-by-side, and others as individually.

Twilight Strike screenshot

For Twilight Strike we've tried to go for a much more open approach, much like the rest of the game.

The Operative now has the run of the whole stage at all times, and on the instances when the Sniper is free to relocate he too has the same freedom. This gives us the opportunity to allow the players to explore the level a lot more extensively, so we've added hidden optional objectives that you have to find before you can complete them, and some special achievements for the PC players.

The mission starts some time after the fall of Tobruk. The players have infiltrated the now occupied town under cover of night and have to pave the way for the Allies to move in and retake it. To do this they're going to lure out the Division Commander in charge of the area and his troops, then eliminate them.

Twilight Strike screenshot

The first step for the players is to kill the staff officer in charge of the market area and recover his identification papers. Next they'll have to secure a centralised location where they can fortify their position before locating a set of genuine German radio codes. Using the codes with the ID allows them to send an authentic distress call – luring the Division Commander to the area. At this point the players prepare and execute their ambush – eliminating the target and his escort.

The stage contains various hidden weapons, special achievements that encourage different styles of play, and some other unique elements, like an MG42 that players can set up at one of two different locations and safes that need to be cracked by the Operative.

Twilight Strike screenshot

Twilight Strike is out now as part of a free update on Steam for PC, and will be coming to consoles in Novemeber once they pass through the submission process.

Oh and we’ve got MORE free content still to come, so keep following this blog and social media updates!



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