Getting started in Evil Genius Online

Getting started as an Evil Genius can be quite a daunting task. As you look amongst the vast, open expanse that has all the potential to become the nerve centre of your evil operation you may wonder to yourself “Where do I start?”

That’s where the Evil Genius Online Getting Started Guide can help, we’ve compiled together all the information that you will need to get your evil empire underway, from building your first resource gathering machines, tasking your minions with different missions, recruiting new minions and expanding your lair.

The guide will also walk you through the game’s interface, accepting & completing missions, building & moving equipment and guiding you through the “Marketplace” where you can purchase new furniture for your lair as well as premium items and gems. The guide explains how some items also add a bonus to your lair security impacting other elements of the game like the Blueprint of Evil daily missions and infiltration (we’ll get to that).

Learn how to create your own Syndicate of other like minded evil geniuses and send spies to infiltrate their lairs (keep your friends close & you enemies closer). Sabotage and meddle with their equipment earning special social items that can be used to complete higher level missions.

So far you’ve made all the right steps towards becoming an evil genius, you’ve got a swively chair, an indeterminate (yet still very evil) European accent and are likely half way through the adoption process of your own evil pet sidekick. All you need to do now to kick-start your evil empire is read the Getting Started Guide here.

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