The Evil Genius Online Manifesto vol. 20

I think I owe you all an apology for my recent absence (odd way of starting an evil blog entry there). See, it's been a hectic time for Team Evil Genius Online over the past few months; a time that I am very pleased to inform you will conclude with Evil Genius Online making a worldwide bow on iOS devices on February 19th! It's been a little busy here, as I am sure you can imagine!

So, first things first - what have we had to take out to transfer the game to mobile devices? What concessions have had to be made? Here's the simple answer: we haven't made any. The game you will shortly be able to play on your iPhones and iPads is exactly what you can play in your web browsers, so every resource, piece of equipment, friend, nemesis, piece of loot - everything is in there waiting for you.

This will also mean that you folks who already have a Lair bursting at the seams with Minions and evil gadgetry will be able to take your progress with you wherever you go, and the progress you make on the bus, in the pub, on the loo or secretly under a desk during a particularly dull Monday morning meeting will transfer seamlessly transfer back too.

But what if you haven't gotten around to launching your own evil career yet? Well, you have a heck of a lot of fun in store for you! Have you ever sat around at work wondering to yourself what would happen if your colleagues obeyed your every order? Or looked at your bank balance after a long night out on the town and wished you had a huge reserve of Gold that you could dive into like a swimming pool? Evil Genius Online will let you scratch those itches. Starting with your own Lair and a handful of Minions to get you running, you’ll soon spread the word of evil across the globe as you strive to become the world’s most prominent evil mastermind.

It’s not a straight road to total domination, however. Every Evil Genius has the Forces of Justice to contend with as they go about their business. Whether it’s the outwardly suave but inwardly slightly inept John Steele of SABRE, the icy calculation of HAMMER’s Katarina Frostonova or the cool, calm Jet Chan from ANVIL, you will frequently find that your escapades are drawing attention from the pesky forces of good. Who’d have thought stealing and shrinking the Eiffel Tower was something that’d be of any bother to anyone? Or pinching a Giant Diamond? Can’t they just look the other way?

Don’t worry though, as at your side through thick and thin is your trusty assistant Penny Foxworth. Not only is Penny cool under pressure and a frequent source of useful information, but she’s also got a wicked wild side to her. We’re not talking 80’s teen rebel movie wild sides here either; no, Penny loves evil and will do everything she can to help you snub out your opposition and conquer everyone and everything in your path.

Also on your side and in your complete command are your Minions – initially yellow boiler-suited buffoons who wander around doing as they are told, but eventually highly trained specialists who can carry out all kinds of tasks to a surprising degree of competence. Obviously not every Minion is born equal and they all have various traits that will benefit you in one way or another. It goes without saying that if one of your little slackers dares to show you the slightest bit of disobedience then you have multiple options at your disposal to deal with them, some being rather nastier than others!

With Penny and your Minions working away for your benefit you’ll expand your Lair with new floors, rooms and equipment and undertake increasingly tricky missions to steal rather fancy loot to display in your Strong Room, to stop the Forces of Justice at every opportunity (and perhaps humiliate them too) and to impress some veteran Evil Geniuses that have taken a keen interest in your work. With over 800 missions to complete, dozens of pieces of whacky, menacing equipment to build and use and stories and capers to be told and written anew, there’ll certainly be a lot for any budding Evil Genius to get stuck into.

Of course, chances are that you might have a group of friends (or cohorts, to give them a slightly more evil-sounding name) that may wish to work together with you to expand your empires and squash John Steele like a bug on a windscreen. The iOS version of the game comes complete with all of the Syndicate functionality that the browser version has; you can add people to your Syndicate, compete against each other in weekly tournaments for prizes, share prized resources to make your Lairs even more evil and even visit each other to see what everyone’s up to. Oh, and of course to fiddle around with their equipment a little to gain some extra bits and bobs whilst they aren’t looking, but let’s keep that between you and me, okay?

We’re pretty proud of the game and are excited about a whole new audience being given the opportunity to start their own evil careers on their iOS devices. Next time around I will be taking you behind the scenes to get an insight into our team and what we’ve all been working on for this version – until then though, remember the day and date: Thursday 19th February 2015. Your phones and tablets are about to get a little more evil!

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