Zombie Army Trilogy Q&A!

With Zombie Army Trilogy now less than a week away we thought it would be a good idea to give you all the chance to ask us any questions you had about Zombie Army Trilogy. So we set to Reddit and Twitter to face the horde, here are the results!

Zombie Army Trilogy is out March 6 on PS4, Xbox One and PC - Pre-order here

From our Twitter Q&A

From @Northlander74 Was this 3 stand alone games from a few years ago? Remastered into a game of their own? Basically what's the story

1&2 were standalone games on PC, Zombie Army Trilogy is those + a new 3rd campaign & Horde mode in 1 game for PS4, XB1 & PC.

From @Geree24 A special offer for the NZA1 and NZA2 owners is possible?

You can get 60% off if you own both the previous games on Steam. http://t.co/ZCXsdPFMBW

From @Bingham79 Is there going to be multiplayer?

Yes, Zombie Army Trilogy will have online co-op multiplayer for up to 4 players throughout the whole campaign and Horde mode.

From @CollapseControl There are 3 campaigns available & all 4P co-op? How many maps are for the Horde Survival mode?

Correct, Zombie Army Trilogy has 3 campaigns, 15 missions and 5 Horde maps all available for 1-4-players.

From @CollapseControl Is there a Lobby for the 4P Online so we can play co-op with our friends as easily as possible?

Yes, you just need to send an invite out to them and they can join your game.

From@keiththorburn81 Do the difficulty levels adapt to different player counts? Or can you recommend the best difficulty options for smaller teams?

Yes, more players = more zombies! You can also add even more zombies in the difficulty settings.

From @mtepatti15 In the horde mode is it how many waves you can survive or is it a set number of waves you have to survive?

It's how many you can survive, the waves are unlimited.

From @mradder Just checking we are good to stream this as soon as its released, just to be safe from dmca's?

Once it's out you're good to go :)

From @zombie11578 Is the game going to be released with GameStop? Because you can't even pre-order Zombie Army Trilogy there

We're currently working on retail in the US, but can't confirm if it will be available on release. Digital release will be on March 6.


From our Reddit Q&A with Tim Jones, Head of Creative for Zombie Army Trilogy.

From ErcanKazaz Can you please tell us what is the history behind the slow motion X-Ray kill cam? It is looking awesome and you should congratulate the guy behind it? Thanks.

The kill cam started life in the first Sniper Elite game as simply tracking the bullet through the air to the target in slow motion. It was actually a relatively late addition to the game design that really made successful sniping shots even more rewarding. We didn't expect it to be such a signature feature but it proved so popular, when we started work on Sniper Elite V2, we looked for ways to step it up and added the X-ray feature. Since then, we've continued to refine and improve it with every Sniper Elite game and it seems to remain constantly entertaining!

From shawnsig Is there a Hitler boss fight? and how challenging will that fight be?

Yes! We couldn't deny everyone the cathartic pleasure of dealing with Hitler once and for all! It's a tough fight but pretty awesome. You can configure the difficulty of the game to make the fight ridiculously hard if you want to...

From duckmaximum There are a variety of enemies increases or not?

We've added a bunch of new enemy types to the game -- armoured zombies, chainsaw-wielding zombies and more... You can also increase the enemy numbers too - if you want to play it alone, but with the enemy numbers set for 4 players, you can!

From DaltonLSXV8 What motivated you and gave you the inspiration to open a whole new approach to the Sniper Elite platform with Nazi Zombie Army?

After we finished Sniper Elite V2, we had a few weeks of down-time for some of our staff so decided to see what we could do with it... We were curious about how many characters we could put on screen if we really pushed our Asura engine. We figured zombie AI and behaviours would be relatively simple to implement. We liked the idea of sniping zombies. We put those things together in a prototype and it was immediately apparent that the combination was good!

From Bobby-Wan_Kenobi Are final bosses of NZA 1 and NZA 2 changed in Zombie Army Trilogy ? Boss fight on the flaktower in NZA 2 was really epic.

The first two campaigns have been remastered with improved graphics, animation and effects, alongside the new features like zombie dismemberment, but the boss fights (including the one on the flak tower) remain intact :-) They're just even better now!

From bull_the_great So , in order to get the creative juices flowing , was there some common snack that was eaten in the studio . something to stay immersed into zombie theme like brain jello ?! https://2eat2drink.files.wordpress.com/2011/10/061-jello-brain-p.jpg if not , what is the favorite food of our favorite sniper/zombie developers to survive the deadlines with ...

We only eat real brains here at Rebellion.

From AdamBlue Who's responsible for the soundtrack of the Zombie Army games? The 80's John Carpenter sound is perfect. It really makes the game a complete package.

Glad you like the soundtrack :-) The music was composed by the very talented Nick D Brewer and he's totally nailed the vibe we were going for!

From SoftsSquare Awesome! Some of the normal grunt zombies are carrying guns now. Can you tell us a little about this feature?

It made sense to us that some of the normal grunts would continue to clutch the weapons they wielded in life... They are not very effective with them though - they tend to wave them around and randomly pull the trigger indiscriminately. It's still a threat you have to watch out for, but they can occasionally gun down their fellow zombies too!

From grungeguy85 What were your influences in the creation process? There's a ton of zombie games out there, so it's a bit hard to be original in the world of the undead. I'm just curious as to what makes this stand out from the rest!

I was keen to create a very particular flavour of zombie game that I haven't seen done elsewhere... Naturally, most zombie entertainment takes its cultural cues from George Romero's movies, but I wanted to bring in influences from some of the weirder Euro-Horror of the 70s and 80s. The movies of Lucio Fulci, Mario Bava, Dario Argento etc. It may seem like a subtle distinction, but to a horror movie obsessive like me, it really matters! :-)

From ReZ-115 How much US money will the game cost on PSN store?

It'll be $49.99 in the US/Euros and £39.99 in the UK

From Zominator Are there any new/improved combat techniques?

One of my favourite new combat techniques is the improved kick which is very effective for knocking down zombies when they invade your personal space. You can then follow up with a very satisfying stomp to squish their head once they are on the floor :-)

Zombie Army Trilogy is out March 6 on PS4, Xbox One and PC - Pre-order here

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