Evil Genius 2 Voice Cast Announced!

We’re delighted to announce that beloved film and TV stars Samantha Bond and Brian Blessed are headlining the voice cast of Evil Genius 2: World Domination! We’ve prepared a new trailer to celebrate Samantha’s reveal as Emma, watch it right here!

Brian Blessed has previously been revealed as the voice of the might-focused, chaotic ex-henchman Red Ivan. Samantha Bond, who played Moneypenny during the Brosnan era of James Bond films, has today been unveiled in a brand new trailer as the voice of Emma, the spymaster-turned-supervillain out for revenge against her former intelligence agency.

One of the four playable masterminds in Evil Genius 2, Emma combines cunning with utter, seething contempt for humanity. Her skills and abilities are focused on deception, aiding players with quietly plotting their diabolical schemes in the shadows. Emma’s aim is not just to take over the world – she wants to end it.

Starring alongside Samantha Bond and Brian Blessed as the two other Evil Geniuses are Glen McCready as the gold-crazed egomaniac despot Max, and Rakie Ayola as the billionaire scientist zealot Zalika. We’re absolutely delighted to have such fantastic personalities and actors lending their dulcet tones to Evil Genius 2, and we can’t wait for you to hear them in the game when it launches March 30 on Steam!